How to Fix Error 194 in Google Play Store

Today morning I was trying to download a telegram app from the Play store on my phone. However, when downloading the app, I got an error 194 message on my phone screen saying the app “Can’t be downloaded” on my android device. 

So I tried downloading the same app after some time as the error message also says try again after few minutes. But still, the same message was coming again and again. So I thought of digging into it and fix the Google Play Store Error 194 message that occurs while downloading or updating the app.

Error 194 may occur due to an internet connection or might be Google Play store issues. After doing few things on my phone, I downloaded the app from the Play store. So if you are also facing the same issue, don’t worry; its just a small problem that you guys can also fix by following the below-mentioned ways.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 194 Right Way

Clear Cache Data Of Google Play Store

The first and most prominent way to fix this problem is clearing cache data of the play store. As cache data always creates a problem. To do so, you need to follow the below steps:

Step #1: Head over to Settings -> Under the device section, tap on “Apps.”

Step #2: After that, go down until you find the Google Play Store option and tap on it.

Step #3: Now, Tap on “Storage.”

Step #4: Next, Tap on “Clear cache” and then tap on Clear data.

Delete Google Play Services Cache in Android

Step #1: Go to Settings -> Device -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Storage -> Clear cache.

Uninstall Google Play Store Updates in Android

Step #1: Go to Settings -> Device -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> More -> Uninstall Updates and then tap on OK.

Now try to download or update the app from the Play store. It should start working. If still you cannot update or download the app, then go ahead and try the below methods things.

Remove Google Account to Resolve Error 194 in Play Store.

Step #1: Jump to “Settings.”

Step #2: Now, under the Personal section, tap on “Accounts.”

You will find a list of created accounts.

Step #3: Tap on Google -> More -> Remove account.

Step #4: Finally, tap on “Remove account” to confirm.

After removing your Google account, reboot your device and then log in again with a different Google account and see if you can download or update the app from the Google Play Store.

Force stop Google Play Store.

Go to Settings -> Device -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Force stop

Force Restart Your Phone

Sometimes big problems get fixed by just doing a basic thing. So try force restarting your smartphone. A force restart will refresh your device’s memory and helps you to reload all the apps and services. To do so:

Step #1: Press & hold the Volume down button and power button simultaneously for 15 seconds approximately.

You will see your phone’s logo on your screen.

Step #2: Wait for few seconds and then turn on your device again.

Step #3: Launch the Play store and try updating or downloading the app.

Reset Network Settings

As I stated above, this Error 194 Google Play store might also occur due to an internet connection. So try changing your WiFi connection; else, you can also reset network settings. Here’s how you can do it:

Step #1: Go to Settings -> General Management -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings -> Reset Settings.

Step #2: Enter the PIN you have.

Step #3: Tap on Reset Setting. 

Step #4: Now, allow your device to reconnect with the prefered network.

Once your device is connected, head over to the Google Play Store and try to update or download the app again. 

That’s all for now!. I hope you are able to successfully fix the Error 194 Google Play Store issue by following the ways mentioned above. 

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Do share these ways with your friends and colleagues too if they face similar issues and help others. Also, let me know if you are facing any other problems on your Android device. I will try my best to help you in fixing it.


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